Creating an Event via

Creating an Event via

Now you’ve done it!

OK, you’ve paid your ten bucks, and your profile has been updated to “Event Coordinator”. This means that you are permitted to create events for others in the group to participate in. This is fundamental to our organization – it’s how we all get together to do stuff. If you’re new to our club you might not realize nobody’s really “pulling the strings” here – it’s a completely decentralized organization, with just enough “management” to meet the province’s legal requirements for a society. If “you” don’t create events, we don’t have any events.

That’s great to hear, so what do I do now?

1) If you’re not already logged into, do that now:

You’ll see this screen (hopefully…):

2) Click on the red button (“Create Event”)

3) Fill out the form. At minimum, you want to tell other group members what you propose to do, when, and where. Look at other events that you participated in, or at least found helpful, and provide a similar level of detail.

4) If you’re not ready to publish it, use “Save as Draft” and you can return to it later) If you think you’re ready, click “Preview” and have a look at what you’re about to publish. You can edit it later, but it’s best to get it right before you make it available to the whole group.

6) Click “Publish”

Once you do this, all members will be notified (each member chooses how they want new meetup announcements, from “never” to “immediately” to “once a week”). Monitor the page and watch as people commit to your event.

Remember to sign up to attend your own event!